Margate and Longport residents participated in Shredding Day Saturday, Nov. 16.


MARGATE – Residents of Margate and Longport braved blustery winds Saturday, Nov. 16 to safely dispose of their unwanted and outdated personal documents.

Normal access to city’s Public Works yard had to be rerouted while the water tower is being prepared for its scheduled paint job. Under the shadow of the “Lucy” water tower, which is shrouded in scaffolding, residents snaked their way through the city yard to drop off their old documents to be securely shredded in a mobile shredding truck.

Old files and documents were off-loaded from cars into containers that were wheeled over to the truck where they were lifted into the shredding bay to be cut into very tiny bits. Residents were able to watch a video of the shredding on a small monitor on the control board of the truck.

While paper products are normally discarded in recycling bins on collection days, it is recommended that any documents with personal information, such as tax documents or anything containing Social Security numbers, should be shredded. This is the best way to protect privacy and prevent identity theft.

Margate and Longport residents participated in Shredding Day Saturday, Nov. 16.

Margate City provides the service twice a year so residents have the opportunity to eliminate their personal files in a safe, secure manor. Longport Borough residents joined the shredding party on Saturday.

Once the truck was full, it went to the recycle yard where the shredded paper is separated and sent off to be recycled, perhaps to be shredded again at a future date.

Steve Jasiecki is chairman of Sustainable Margate.

Nanette LoBiondo Galloway

Award winning journalist covering news, events and people of Atlantic County for more than 20 years.