Summer is here, which means it’s the season for a new style and looks! Many are replacing their light spring clothes with breezy beachwear, but one of the most talked-about topics of the season is the summer hair trends of 2022. Is short hair the way to go or are long locks having a moment? With these summer hair trends of 2022, the season just got cooler. In the below article Anna Walker of Natchitoches, Louisiana discusses these exciting trends.

The Wolf Cut

This summer is going to be wild because the wolf cut has been popping up everywhere. article Anna Walker of Natchitoches, Louisiana says that an article in InStyle says that this style is a cross between a “vintage shag and a slight mullet.” Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish have sported the wolf cut, and it gives off a total rockstar vibe.

The wolf cut is defined by lots and lots of layers that are very choppy and aren’t blended. Hairstylist pro Dhiran Mistry says that the wolf cut is shorter around the hairline and top of the head, but still has some length in the back. Of course, it will vary from person to person depending on an individual’s hair texture according to article Anna Walker.

Anna Walker on How To Style A Wolf Cut

Anna Walker says that for people with naturally curly or wavy hair, the wolf cut is the perfect way to highlight the texture. Use a leave-in conditioner and let it air-dry for an easy look. If hair is straight and fine, it would be helpful to use a heating tool or texturizing spray.

Anna Walker Natchitoches

Bobs, Specifically The 1990s Heartthrob and Roaring 1920s

Anna Walker explains that Bobs are making a comeback in a big way! Vogue UK declared that the 1990s heartthrob bob and the Roaring 2022 bob are going to be seen everywhere this summer.

What Is The 1990s Heartthrob Bob?

This bob is a choppy, layered bob that has closely cropped layers at the nape of the neck. In addition, it featured longer pieces in the front that brush the cheeks. It was a gender-neutral haircut that was seen on the heads of many A-list celebrities of the 1990s, including Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt explains Anna Walker of Natchitoches.

What Is the Roaring 1920s Bob?

The 1920s were defined by prohibition, jazz, and flappers, the latter of which is the inspiration behind this bob. The style is sleek and rounded in front. While the 1990s heartthrob bob can also be sleek and straight, the 1920s bob tends to be shorter and has a very strong shape.

How To Style These Bobs

Anna Walker of Natchitoches says that the 1920s bob is recognized as being straight and shiny, so flatirons and gel to slick strands back will be useful when styling. The heartthrob bob can also be styled this way, but there is more opportunity to introduce variety to the look. It can be air-dried so it looks more tousled or braided back to give off a boho-chic vibe.

Manta Ray Layers

Manta rays are a kind of ray known for their large triangular-shaped fins, so this summer hair trend of 2022 hairstyle will have a similar shape. According to POPSUGAR, manta ray layers are layers around the face that begin around the chin.

Goldwell ambassador, Jacob Habib Khan, says that curling the hair in creates a “wings out, resembling the shape of a manta ray.” The great thing about manta ray layers is that it can still be tied back, but it’s light and will not feel heavy during the summer months.

How To Style Manta Ray Layers

Anna Walker of Natchitoches states that this style does not require a lot: usually a hair dryer and a curling iron. It will depend on hair type, but some people can just let their hair air dry, and the layers will look fantastic.

A Variety of Blonde and Brunette Colors

This summer will be all about a rainbow of shades varying between blonde and brunette. Vogue notes that sunbaked blonde will be hotter than the beach, as well as a sun-kissed brunette and cognac brunette.

Another popular hair color according to Anna Walker of Natchitoches? Honey gold “bronde” takes the best of blonde and brunette to create this summer’s most in-demand hue. The way these colors works is that the brunette color creates depth. When blended with a lighter color like blonde, the hair looks more vibrant because of the contrast says Anna Walker.

How To Keep Your Summer Hair Color Vibrant

Unfortunately, hair color can fade, but luckily, there are some tricks to make hair color last longer.

  • Buy hair products that are specifically for colored hair. This ensures that the ingredients used are not too harsh.
  • Take cooler showers. Luckily, this is easier to do in the summer since it can get hot. The heat in a shower can cause the hair to swell and open, releasing the color molecules.
  • Use a deep conditioner. Even better if a colored hair-specific kind is used.
  • Wear a hat. It’s no surprise that the sun fades colors and hair color is no exception.

There are a lot of choices to choose from, especially when it comes to the summer hair trends of 2022. From straight hair to curly strands, there’s something for everyone!

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