Luann Daleandro, a manager at Ventura’s Greenhouse in Margte, polishes the silver for The White Table.

MARGATE – Ventura’s Greenhouse on Friday paid tribute to veterans who have yet to return home after serving their nation in overseas wars.

The table set up on the second floor of the beachfront restaurant was reserved for POWs and MIAs who never came home from their stations overseas.

“The White Table” tradition honoring the memory of missing service members started after the Vietnam War and has been part of  special occasions honoring veterans, including Veterans Day.

There is special meaning for each piece of the table setting, which was graced with a single red rose and gleaming white tablecloth.

The table is small and set for one person, demonstrating the vulnerability of the prisoner against his captors. The white tablecloth symbolizes the pure intentions of those who served. The chair is empty for they are not here. The wine glass is inverted, because they cannot toast with us today. A slice of lemon reminds us of the bitterness of their suffering. Grains of salt represent the countless tears shed for them. A single red rose reminds us of loved ones awaiting their return, and a burning candle and yellow ribbon gives hope for a reunion.

Ventura’s offers a 10% discount to veterans on Veterans Day.

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