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Why has retail and events had a higher success rate in closing new business? Mehta Marketing Reviews:

  • The biggest struggle in today’s marketing and digital age is getting in front of decision makers, in real-time. We solve that problem in retail and events by speaking to over 1,000 people a day.
  • Door to door loses its appeal for businesses because of weather conditions their sales reps are exposed to. In addition to that, with soliciting we’re chancing if someone is home, if we get lucky and they are, we’re at a lowered advantage with skepticism and increased safety risks.
  • For business to business, although we’ve seen success in the past, the ramp-up period for a sales agent is incredibly long. It takes much longer for sales reps to make money. Mehta Marketing reviews have shown on average, sales reps see 4-5 decision makers a day which is much lower than retail and events.
  • With tele sales, technological advances have made this incredibly difficult, scam likely and call screeners make it near impossible to get a hold of decision makers.
  • In retail, we do see more rejection but for an experienced sales rep we just want to be in front of as many decision makers as possible.

Mehta Marketing has a proven track record for building brand awareness and representing the best in the following industries: energy, telecommunications, entertainment, distribution, technology, and more. We come through for our clients by strengthening consumer engagement and customer experience. This can only be achieved to the level of our standards by being able to see and talk with a customer in person. We combat a digital, e-commerce world filled with quick transactions and minimal communication by being in front of our customers as they choose the products and services that work best for them.

Retail is our answer, Mehta Marketing reviews years of data showing repeat customers, loyalty, and satisfaction of implementation or purchase occurs most often via retail. We get to know our local customers as they engage with us on their weekly shopping trips, and we know our Pittsburgh people best.

Retail marketing humanizes the sales process

Not only are your customers getting real time troubleshooting and customer service, but it’s someone from their neighborhood. We’re not kidding when we say we’re experts. People like to buy from people they like, or people they feel a connection to. Successful retail programs take the relaxed atmosphere of retail, when people are in the shopping and buying mindset and place a physical representative right where their customers shop. When Mehta Marketing sets up shop at a local retail location, we bring our presence and reputation for excellence. Not only do our clients expect a professional product expert on-site but promotional materials and demo products if appropriate. This builds so much more excitement and engagement during the sales process. You can’t achieve that level of buy-in online or via any other medium.

Mehta Marketing Reviews

Strengthen branding

Relying on medium alone to capture new customers or build loyalty is a recipe for failure. For the first time in history we have three different generations in the buying market; boomers, Gen X and Gen Z. All like their information in different ways but one thing they have in common is continuing to visit retail stores. Retail is not going anywhere, even if some people do most of their shopping online and maybe only shop for groceries in-store having your brand stand out contributes to brand recognition. The more someone sees your brand the more they associate credibility and the more likely they are to purchase in the future.

Writing the story, creating the emotions tied to your brand and customer experience

Our events division is incredibly successful in building excitement around buying your brand. Think about it, everyone is upbeat and in a good mood at local festivals. This is a direct juxtaposition of the feelings someone gets when someone comes to their door or they get a sales call in the middle of the day. That’s the idea behind new age marketing such as retail and events. Customers feel good knowing the brands featured at local trade shows are screened and vetted so they don’t enter the conversation with skepticism but more so a genuine curiosity.

Mehta Marketing Reviews

Why we don’t believe in old-school marketing tactics

Our years of research and field experience all points to one key success factor and that’s getting in front of the decision maker. Old school or traditional ways of marketing such as door to door, business to business, or telemarketing just don’t cut it anymore. Getting to a decision maker has multiple steps, a long timeline, and can be impossible in some cases. Mehta Marketing has cracked the code on connecting with the right people to close business and build relationships with the people who matter most.

Overall satisfaction guaranteed

Mehta Marketing team is trained to not only be experts in the products and services but experts in people. We understand marketing psychology and human nature. When selling to customers, our end goal is to provide an incredible experience and a long-term customer for our clients. Our team can’t achieve this unless the customer wins, to do this we don’t sell to hit surface-level metrics but rather relaying on customer satisfaction surveys and feedback to coach our team.

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