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Jenna DeMasi of NY enjoys remodeling, designing, and styling her home. As an online blogger, Jenna shares articles on various trending topics, such as her passion, interior design. In the following article, Ms. DeMasi discusses what is trending for 2023, and it seems as if the past is making a reappearance.

What do wall-to-wall marble, floating kitchen shelves, herringbone tile, and brightly colored plastered walls have in common?

They were all big interior design trends in 2022. And they are all trendy designs on their way out of style.

But where past trends disappear (somewhat confusingly), new trends always take their place explains Jenna DeMasi of NY. Having trouble keeping up? Below are a few of the interior design styles that are being touted as the next big trends in 2023.


What does an eco-conscious home look like? It’s more about what it feels like according to Jenna DeMasi.

It’s a significant move away from décor heavy in synthetic materials to those that are decidedly more organic in texture. This includes using natural materials such as earthy mango wood and woven elements like cane.

It also means greener homes overall, with an emphasis on sustainable interior design that integrates renewable elements such as bamboo, wool, cork, and cotton into furniture and flooring.

Upgraded Appliances

Jenna DeMasi of NY says that more people are investing in statement pieces for the kitchen, including modern islands and unique cabinetry. Another big one is showcasing appliances that are bold in color and design that add sleekness to a kitchen’s overall look. (Think 70s, but with modern flare, elegance, and charm.)

Look toward new induction cooktops and ranges for a seriously impressive refresh.

Dark Colors

Jenna DeMasi of NY says that the mood is deep and rich when it comes to trend-setting interior colors this year. Deep purples and greens are in, as are dark, heavily patterned wallpaper. The key is to strike a monochromatic chord by maintaining the same dark, rich colors in complementary furnishings, shades, and fabrics.

Along the same lines, black décor is in as well for an overall vibe that’s gothic and moody. For an elegant statement, try a black accent wall with sleek, understated accessories.

Natural Curves

Curve is the word for everything from furniture and accessories to upholstery in the new year. Curved sofas, chairs, and pillows are big, as is curved architecture, such as arched doorways explains Jenna DeMasi.

Curves add a softness to any interior but can also enliven normally staid spaces like entryways, libraries, and offices. Curves in a room also have the added benefit of creating an illusion of length in a tight space.

Jenna DeMasi NY

Vintage Pieces

The popularity of antique or family pieces comes and goes in interior design, but 2023 may be the year of heritage pieces explains Jenna DeMasi of NY.

Vintage patterns mixed in with minimalist or modern designs add a charming and layered look to a room that becomes an easy conversation starter and offers a lived-in, warm feel even if the look is brand new.

Look toward resellers, antique fairs, flea markets, and auction houses for pieces that reflect your own style with a dash of whimsy and authenticity.

Art Deco

Art deco may have thrived around the world in the 1920s and 1930s, but its characteristic fine lines, glamorous feel, and bold decorative statements are very much alive 100 years later.

Jenna DeMasi of NY explains that it’s all part of a slight move away from minimalism that embraces the distinctive geometric patterns and bright colors of Art Deco that’s being seen in chairs, desk accessories, and statement wallpaper.

Designer Laundry Rooms

For decades, laundry rooms were low on style and high on basic function. Today’s laundry rooms reflect the overall aesthetic of the home and the style of the homeowner, with custom cabinets, marble countertops, and ample space for folding, drying, and pre-treating.

The biggest trend? A laundry room that combines personal function and high style.

Bringing the Outside In

Jenna DeMasi of NY says that large picture windows and natural light doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Many interior design trends are finding inspiration from the great outdoors and bringing it inside, dark woods and wool or sheepskin-enhanced furniture are all the rage for homes with a woodland feel.

On the other hand, homes in warm or tropical environments are integrating real or faux plants, bright color palettes, and french doors.

Artful Stone

White marble backsplashes may still be hot, but so are colorful travertine sinks and red marble side tables. Jenna DeMasi explains that raw materials have made a comeback in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor lounge areas. Deep blues, pinks, and rich greens are popping up as popular accents in interior design.

So-called statement stones are making their way onto dramatic countertops, coffee tables, and bathroom sinks. The heavy veins and dark colors that were once regulated to kitchen tables are suddenly weaving their way into a home’s overall feel.

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