branded destinations

Steve Bolton and Joe Haley of Red Frog are business partners who operate a real estate development company. In their experience, Steve Bolton and Joe Haley of Red Frog have found that there are countless benefits to attracting customers to a branded vacation destination. Today, Steve Bolton and Joe Haley will discuss a few ways marketers can take advantage of their branded vacation destination.

Steve Bolton and Joe Haley of Red Frog believe that real estate developers who are interested in attracting tourists to a new property must take advantage of every opportunity to stand out from their competition. There are so many different vacation options that staying top-of-mind to potential customers is a battle. Steve Bolton and Joe Haley of Red Frog believe that branded destinations allow for a head start in terms of branding and name recognition.

Every new branded destination resort will benefit or be harmed by the reputation of its location. When developing a resort in a beautiful location, there’s an instant advantage marketers must take advantage of, which is the public goodwill towards the location. This is true of any popular location – and why it is more expensive for real estate developers to develop in popular areas.

Branding a vacation destination successfully can only be done with advertisers putting themselves into the mindset of potential travelers. Each location will bring an expectation in the eyes of the traveler. For instance, a lodge in a ski town will be expected to offer the ultimate skiing getaway. Branding a beach location will require the marketers to show guests that they can achieve exactly what they are looking for when they stay at their resort. This can mean many different things to many different people, but understanding what a location has to offer will help fill in the blanks. Whether it be romance, water activities, nightlife, or family excursions, branded vacation destinations should lean into what makes their location special.

Branding is more important than ever because of how small the world has become. Not only do airlines make it possible to eat breakfast in New York and enjoy lunch at the beach in the Bahamas, but advertisers can compete for everyone everywhere thanks to the Internet. As soon as someone looks up the type of trip they are looking to enjoy during their next vacation, they are likely to see results that can take them across the globe. Branded vacation destinations can help a resort separate themselves from competitors that simply can’t offer the same level of perks and amenities.

When selecting a location to build a vacation resort, developers like Steve Bolton and Joe Haley of Red Frog must constantly consider the decision-making process of would-be travelers. A consistent brand identity will go a long way towards making the decision-making process easier on the traveling consumer. People will always prefer a path of least resistance. When a branded vacation destination can keep their marketing imagery and messaging consistent, they build up trust that they are a reliable source of a dream getaway.