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Cory Fitch of Minnesota is an entrepreneur and frequent traveler. In the following article, Cory Fitch discusses the allure of solo travel, exploring its transformative power, practical considerations, and the myriad of benefits that await those who dare to embark on this remarkable journey of self-discovery.

In a world that often emphasizes the value of companionship and shared experiences, there is something undeniably liberating and empowering about experiencing a journey alone. Solo travel, once considered unconventional, has now become a thriving trend embraced by adventure-seekers and soul-searchers alike. It offers an opportunity to disconnect from the familiar, step out of comfort zones, and forge a profound connection with oneself and the world at large.

Traveling alone does not have to mean traveling lonely. Often the best company is oneself.

The joys of exploring the world alone are abundant. A person is more likely to become more aware when they are in new surroundings on their own. This extends beyond mindfulness of the experience and includes awareness of the self. Other benefits include the complete and utter freedom of individual decision making and the courageous adventure of making new friends in a foreign land.

In this article, Cory Fitch of Minnesota discusses the joys of traveling alone. By the conclusion, it will be clear that traveling alone is anything but lonely and this character-building opportunity should be experienced by everyone, at least once.

Cory Fitch on the Advantages of Traveling Alone

Cory Fitch of Minnesota says that traveling alone may sound lonely, boring, or just plain unusual, even to an experienced globe-trotter, if they’ve never done it before. However, the experience should not be dismissed. Traveling solo comes with many joys and surprising advantages that are well worth trying.

Cory Fitch breaks down some of the most popular benefits in the list below.

  • Find Oneself
  • Explore Culture
  • Make New Friends
  • Unparalleled Freedom

Fitch explores each of these in a little more detail to understand why traveling alone can be a much more powerful experience than traveling with many friends.

Find Oneself

Cory Fitch of Minnesota notes that it is no secret that many people find themselves unable to focus on their own needs, wants, or even interests when they are around the people they love; at least, not exclusively! It can be easy to get lost in sharing experiences with others instead of noticing how one’s own heart and mind are responding to the world around them.

As beneficial as social travel can be, it should not be the only way a person experiences new places, or cultures. If it were, that individual could easily miss out on the opportunity to find their own sense of self in the world.

Explore Culture

Exploring culture is another fantastic benefit of traveling alone. True, a traveler can experience what other cultures have to offer while in the company of their friends, but this pales in comparison to the richness of what they can accomplish when their focus is undivided, explains Cory Fitch of Minnesota.

When a traveler chooses to take on their adventure alone, they have less inhibitions. It can be tough to try new things or even keep one’s attention on something new if a friend is nearby, but unwilling or unable to do the same. Sometimes peer pressure can even decrease one’s own willingness to explore cultures!

Cory Fitch of Minnesota says that instead of being distracted by others, focus on exploring culture by alone.

Cory Fitch Minnesota
Make New Friends

Cory Fitch of Minnesota says that making new friends is easier than ever before with the opportunities made by journeying alone. As enlightening as this experience may be, it is true that many travelers decide not to stay alone on their journey for long. Often, they will find themselves reaching out to new people in ways they never would have considered before.


Finally, Cory Fitch of Minnesota notes that the freedom that comes with traveling alone is unparalleled. Gone are the days of arguing over where to go next, or even slowing one’s own pace of exploration down for the sake of someone else. When traveling by oneself, the individual sets their own pace.

In Conclusion

The power of solo travel is found in the sheer freedom of planning one’s own trip. Without companions along, the only planning or decisions to make are the responsibility of the individual. Plans can change with minimal stress and no arguments with the choices limited only to what the individual can imagine.

Additionally, Cory Fitch of Minnesota says that discovering new culture is easier to take in when traveling alone. A person can take the opportunity to be more aware of their surroundings without distractions.

Cory Fitch of Minnesota says that travelers can also take the opportunity to be enlightened about themselves, finding their own personality and tastes anew. Altogether, the power of solo travel comes with the joys of exploring alone!

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