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Since its inception in 2003, Oden Home has been synonymous leaving a lasting impression on clients. With a team of highly skilled craftsmen boasting a collective experience of over 75 years, Oden Home takes immense pride in the artistry of their work.

In the following article, Oden Home RI explores the rewarding journey of building new – how the combination of refined artistry, unrivaled expertise, and an unyielding commitment to client satisfaction elevates a dream home vision into reality.

For custom home builders it’s all in the details.

It’s a red cedar plank walls in a converted 1930s bungalow and the reclaimed beams in the kitchen of a completely rehabbed coastal farmhouse. Oden Home in Rhode Island may do a lot of the physical work, but it’s the vision of the homeowners that makes their dreams come to life.

Instead of buying a home, many are increasingly turning to custom home building as an alternative. By working with a dedicated team of architects and builders, buyers are discovering that to get exactly what they want, where they want it, the only option is a custom build.

In 2022, Oden Home in Rhode Island reported that building from the ground up experienced a 28% increase compared to the previous year. And with real estate markets tightening across the country, making it more difficult to find one’s dream home, custom home building remains an enticing solution.

Oden Home RI on Building a Dream

It often all starts with an idea.

During the custom home building process, clients explain, explore and often tweak their home vision with the insight of architects, builders, and interior designers.

Every player has an essential role to bring a cohesive build to life. The client starts not just with a budget in mind but an idea. Some concepts are well-thought-out and researched, while some clients may bring in some scattered thoughts about what they need and want in a home.

Oden Home reviews that projects get exciting from there. Architects will draft multiple designs, sometimes in coordination with structural engineers or landscape architects. Once a design is agreed upon and architectural plans are approved, general contractors usually join the team and then select their own team, including a project manager.

And all of the participants work together. With guidance from the client, architects translate the vision to a project that builders begin undertaking with a budget addressing methods of construction and the costs associated with all of the home’s elements.

When it works, it works very well. Here’s how to make that happen.

Better Together

Oden Home RI says that a successful custom home collaboration doesn’t just happen organically. Yes, it takes hard work, but more so it takes flexibility and top-notch cooperation skills to get a custom home built from the ground up.

Keep Realistic Expectations

Oden Home reviews that there are certain to be ups and downs during the custom home-building process. Keeping the budget in mind (and the fact that the cost may rise a bit depending on an array of circumstances) is the best course of action throughout the build.

Oden Home RIConsider a 3D Model

An increasing number of builders and architects are using 3D renderings in addition to traditional 2D custom home building plans — and it has become something of a game-changer.

Oden Home in RI explains that 3D modeling opens up the custom home building to even more possibilities. The team can get a full visualization of the site and its potential, everything from the way the sun will set on the homesite to how the landscaping will look as it matures.

Different lighting options can be explored before purchases are made. Perhaps most importantly, 3D modeling can even pinpoint potential problems early into the build.

Weigh the Options

While many custom clients opt for a tested-and-true team of an architect and a builder, at times, they may solely choose to work with the builder.

Another big aspect of a custom home build is finding just the right land to build on, and that usually requires working with a real estate agent. Before a dream home can be built and a team can form, it should be determined if the land is zoned residential, if there are historical district guidelines that must be followed, if there are any restrictions related to a land deed, such as limits to square, and if easements have been identified.

With the right land secured and the best team assembled, all that’s left to launch a custom build dream home is pouring the foundation for the future.

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