USACE/Absecon Island Beach Replenishment


LONGPORT – According to a discussion at the Oct. 18 Board of Commissioners meeting, the borough is due to have beach replenishment in 2024.

Administrator A. Scott Porter said he received a letter from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection stating that $13.4 million has been reserved for replenishing beaches along Absecon Island.

According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the federal government will contribute 65% of the cost with the remaining 35% divided into a cost share with the state contributing 75% of the cost and Longport covering the remaining 25%.

A small section of the beach was replenished in 2021 at a cost of $200,000, officials said.

Porter said the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was in town Wednesday to look at the dune system and determine how much replenishment is needed and subsequently how much of the cost would allocated for Longport.

“We have to maintain the design template” of the dune system, Porter said.

The cost of the project would have to be included in the borough’s 2024 capital plan.

In other business, Porter indicated the administration is currently working to develop next year’s capital program, which could include the cost of the replenishment project, elevating a well, installation of generators to keep pumping stations operational in the event of a power failure, and other ideas.

He said he would have a list of potential projects available for review by the commissioners in November.

The board also rejected bids received to install raised crosswalks, which would provide pedestrian access as well as slow traffic on Amherst Avenue at 34th and 36th avenues, because they came in higher than the funding available.

Borough engineer Ed Dennis Jr. of Remington & Vernick said the project could be scaled back to just one intersection that can serve as a pilot program before deciding if the second location should be done.

Dennis recommended rebidding to do the intersection at 34th Avenue. Other grant opportunities exist that could be tapped to create a gateway entrance to Longport along Amherst Avenue at 36th Avenue, he said.

The board also awarded a contract for Byler Builders, LLC of Clayton, Delaware, to install new playground equipment at the park located at 33rd and Atlantic Avenues at a cost of $121,500.

The board also awarded a $26,850 contract for Ricky Slade Construction, Inc. to make various street opening repairs.


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