Architect Daniel Scott Mascione shows the artists rendering for the Ventnor Square Theater. started publishing stories in June, but in six short months readers have demonstrated that hyperlocal news content is what they prefer. According to our data sources, these are the most read stories of 2018. Please keep in mind that our readership increased substantially as the year progressed.

  1. Ventnor households to get trash and recycling containers before summer

            City officials are hoping the seagulls will learn to prefer clams over trash. The city signs a new 7-year contract with the ACUA that includes annual payments toward the purchase of oversized trash and recycling containers for every household in the city. The purchase is partially funded with a grant secured by the ACUA.

  1. Ventnor Planning Board gives Santucci’s restaurant site the go ahead

            Residents are sad to see a longtime business close, but glad it will be replaced with a brand new restaurant and bar. Santucci’s Square Pizza of Philadelphia gets all the approvals necessary to remodel the old Arrow True Value hardware store into a two-story Italian restaurant. Owner Blake Barabuscio is the first to obtain one of three liquor consumption licenses being auctioned off by the city.

  1. Margate man joins Cooper Levenson law firm

            This guy must have a lot of friends. It was really just a business brief, but news that James M. Savio of Margate joined one of the area’s top law firms practically went viral. Many readers posted congratulatory messages on our companion Facebook page.

  1. Ventnor firefighter who admitted to drug compounding scheme resigns

            This and another story about a Ventnor firefighter who admitted to an elaborate scheme to defraud the NJ State Health Benefits program roused the ire of our readers. Corey Sutor was one of two Downbeach firefighters involved in the scheme, which is being investigated by federal authorities.

  1. Rainstorm to shut down roads in low-lying areas

            This was a preview of the storm that wasn’t. Although Margate was well prepared for floodageddon, unlike other under-forecasted flood advisories, only a few streets in low-lying areas actually saw minor flooding. Hey, don’t blame us; we don’t do the weather. Anyway, the big take-away in this story is to make NO WAKE.

  1. Fire tragedy averted thanks to an observant 5-year-old

            A likely hero visiting her grandma for Thanksgiving alerted her mom that a fire was crawling up the side of the neighboring house. Margate firefighters responded to Granville Avenue within minutes to prevent a tragedy. This is one story that will stick with little Lily Blecker for life.

  1. Ventnor moves to create Wellington Avenue redevelopment plan

            Readers like the idea of redeveloping the strip of land along Wellington Avenue that houses Absecon Island’s only major grocery store, but many suggest that flooding issues be resolved first.

  1. Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman drops out of Assembly race

            Just weeks of announcing her candidacy for the 2019 NJ Assembly race, Holtzman drops out of the race due to medical concerns following back surgery. Holtzman gets the re-quote of the year award, “He said it was like I was ‘poking a tiger hoping not to get bit,’” Holtzman said about Dr. Andrew Glass.

  1. Ventnor’s 17-year dream closer to coming true

            In our opinion, this is the best thing that has happened in Ventnor since the boardwalk was replaced after the 1962 Ash Wednesday storm. The new owners of the once beloved, now beleaguered Ventnor Twin movie theater get all the approvals necessary to refurbish the historic building and turn it into a state-of-the-art multiplex with a restaurant on the second floor. The building is rebranded the Ventnor Square Theater, and the owners, Brett DeNafo and Clint Bunting, who successfully redeveloped the Harbor Square theater in Stone Harbor, capture the second of three liquor consumption licenses available in the city. It will be open by summer, they say.

  1. Margate man opens pistol range in Absecon

            It’s not surprising to us that this story captured the most reads of the year. After all, Americans love their guns. William Wolfson, 26, of Margate promises to offer a holistic approach to learning how to shoot at the 29-lane range by putting an emphasis on gun safety.



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